We're on a mission to help teens invest early.

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We are Gen Z engineers and designers who believe that investing early is the single most powerful financial tool in life. We're on a mission to provide that opportunity.
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Our story

While a student at Stanford University, our founder got the crazy idea to help teenagers begin investing early.
December 2020

The First Step

Bumper raises a pre-seed round of funding from gener8tor, a nationally ranked, GOLD-tier startup network. An initial team of designers, engineers, and financial professionals is assembled and the journey begins.

NMotion cohort
January 2021

Market Discovery

Our journey to create Bumper didn't start with a single line of code. We wanted to ensure that our product would help solve an actual need, felt by actual people. We conducted nearly 1,000 conversations with teenagers, their parents, and other startup founders. Across gender, race, income levels, and geography, the results were the same: most teens wanted to invest but didn't know how to start.

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February 2021

The First Users

We (finally) launched the beta website to display our company to the world. The results were... astounding. Within just a few weeks, tens of thousands of teenagers had signed up for the app waitlist. We released our initial product concept shortly after.

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April 2021


We broke ground on the Bumper app, partnering with a FINRA registered broker-dealer to offer securities brokerage services. All investing accounts created on Bumper are insured up to $500,000.

Bumper uses bank-grade security and data encryption to protect your information. We implemented the strongest browser encryption available (256-bit) and use HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to encrypt your information in transit. Bumper does not store any of your sensitive information, including your address, date of birth, and social security number.

Bumper app product concept
September 2021

The Beta

We released the first official beta of the Bumper app. We worked with over 1,000 families to build the best product possible for teen investors.

In just two weeks, over $25,000 of mock money was invested in companies like Apple, Chipotle, Lululemon, and Netflix.

Bumper app product concept
April 2022

Live Launch

Bumper is now publicly available to all teenagers and parents living in the United States. Learn about the stock market through short educational bites, invest in your favorite companies with as little as $1, and build your portfolio.

Bumper app product concept
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