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Bumper is working with financial clubs, non-profits, and organizations throughout the United States. Join us in our mission to help the next generation become financially strong and independent adults.
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StreetFins is a two-part effort to help students become financially literate: 1) a content platform where students write educational financial content for other students to learn from and 2) a network of high school financial education clubs that are all run by students who like teaching their fellow peers finance.

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Teen Trillionaire

Teen Trillionaire aims to close the youth financial literacy gap by providing teens with resources on personal finance and empowering them to achieve their goals. Teen Trillionaire hosts free workshops, events, and speaker sessions aimed at promoting youth financial literacy.

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Geom Hacks

The mission of Geom Hacks is to direct the use of technology for societal good. Their subgoals include gathering a group of like minded people together and delivering an opportunity to create for a global community of coders.

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GirlTechBoss provides influential material to empower and inspire young girls to pursue entrepreneurship in Tech. GTB currently provides online resources and interviews with women in STEM and business, as well as classes and seminars about technology.

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Project Venture

Project Venture was created to combat the lack of finance and business education for high school students. Since its founding, Project Venture has taught teens across America and the world and they continue advancing youth financial literacy through educational events and activities.

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Finance OneforOne

Finance OneforOne is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to establish and expand a financially literate community. The organization aims to achieve this by conducting free financial literacy sessions, workshops, and counseling sessions.

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Girls for Business

Girls For Business is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in the United States. As business education is scarcely taught in the classroom, their mission is to empower middle and high school girls who are interested in pursuing future careers in the business field.

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Pockets Change

Pockets Change aims to build intergenerational financial resilience with students, families, and educators. They accomplish this with a hip hop pedagogy of self-identity & advocacy, curriculum, workshops, professional development and ongoing support 

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EmpowerEcon is an organization empowering youth in developing the knowledge and skills to approach their financial futures with confidence.

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Financial Literacy for You

The goal of FLY is to educate the next generation on the critical life skills of personal finance- including the importance of saving, balancing a budget, and understanding the complexities of credit. FLY with us, and we can create a generation that is ready to manage their finances and prepare for their futur

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Youth for Business

Youth For Business aims to be a catalyst in connecting, empowering, and bringing together a coalition of like-minded individuals interested in business to provide everyone equal access to business literacy.

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Internatus Business Club

IBC is an international non-profit collection of prestigious, exclusive clubs whose members have access to selective networking events, workshops, scholarships, internships and and volunteer opportunities.

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Facts for Youth

The mission of FACTS for Youth is to instill financial knowledge, healthy habits and guidance in post-high school plans to equip and empower students with the ability to achieve financial independence.

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Codeista is a youth-led organization using technology and business to improve and encourage STEM participation in the fashion industry.

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Raising Buffetts

Raising Buffetts is an online blog that serves as a financial repository of important financial education. The platform is focused on helping youth learn important life and financial concepts.

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The Global Youth Economics Forum is the premier economics program targeted for high school and college students. Students can be connected with professionals in business, banking, consulting, economics, and finance.

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Money Up

Money Up is a teen-created finance program designed to help other teenagers and entrepreneurs understand Stocks, Cryptos, Marketing, NFTs, and Real Estate.

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