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Want real world experience in finance and investing?
Our high-school ambassador program will give you hands-on experience at a fintech startup.
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Bumper Financial Analysis Program [High-School]

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During our 9-week program, you’ll learn real-world investing and financial analysis skills. Explore careers in finance, investing, and business.
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Our student interns gain real-world financial experience. We have the highest net-promoter score (NPS) of all high-school intern programs.
Bumper is a strong community of high-school entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, developers, and students.
accessible intern program
High-school students have very little access to internship programs. Our program is open to all motivated students.
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Join the team working on the fastest-growing teen finance app.
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An experience like no other

Attend synchronous meetings
Meet as an intern group every Thursday at 7pm Central Time to discuss the weekly topic, hear from guest speakers, and network with other students.
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Work on weekly projects
Spend 2-3 hours/week working on real-world finance and investing projects.
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Present projects at demo days
After completing a project, you'll have the option to record a short video presentation to be sent to a network of investors, entrepreneurs, and other students.
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Learn real-world finance content

Complete hands-on investing projects using your very own investing account.
Weeks 1-4
Financial Literacy & Investing
Learn the basics of personal finance and investing by building an optimized stock portfolio for yourself.
Weeks 5-6
Stock Analysis
Dive into spreadsheets and learn how to perform fundamental and technical analysis to better evaluate stocks.
Weeks 7-8
Crypto, Blockchain, and NFTs
Understand the ever-evolving crypto industry, blockchain technology, and new careers in this space.
Week 9
College & Career Week
Show off your skills to college representatives and industry experts in our final week!

Join an alumni network of future CEOs, PMs, IBs...

Connect with the most motivated and high-achieving students in the country.
Build relationships with future CEOs, investors, marketing experts, and more...
Come across unique job and internship opportunities.
Lifelong support for your future projects and endeavors.
Access unique perks, like discounts on Notion or free advertising credit.

Finish with college and career week

At the end of the program, you can join our college and career prep week.
Build a Portfolio
Colleges and companies want to know that you have real-world career experience. Spend time with the Bumper team building a personal online portfolio as proof that you have what it takes.
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Learn Best Practices
Discuss tips and tricks with the Bumper team for landing a high-school internship, getting into your top college, and succeeding in your career.
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Network with Industry Professionals
Connect with leading experts in your desired career field. You'll have the opportunity to ask for introductions to investors, startup founders, and professors.
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Reviews from our students

"The Bumper Ambassador program taught me how to begin investing. I was never taught in school and felt super unprepared for adult finances. Now, I'm on track to have over $1 million saved for retirement."
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Ananya J.
Los Altos High School, 11th
"I was applying to college for business and realized I never had any actual experience in business. The Bumper Ambassador Program gave me real-world experience at a startup, and I think it really helped my college application."
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Emily P.
Thomas Jefferson High School, 10th
"For people passionate about business, economics, or finance, the program is such a great way to get experience and knowledge through being a part of Bumper's journey; it's a great learning opportunity that is very engaging and fun, so I highly recommend joining!"
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Melvin J.
Westside High School, 11
Hands-On Student Work
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Kelly C.
Northridge High School, 11th
Analyzed financials for JustPerform (a new social media startup), evaluated their three-year growth trajectory, and built a performance plan with revenue, expense, and cash projections.
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Dar A.
Lenape High School, 12th
Built a social media mobile app in Flutter. Designed a mock API and API services to connect to the frontend within the mobile app.
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Shivam S.
Westbrooks High School, 11th
Built a backend environment for a social media app built in Flutter. Designed an API, database, and overall backend architecture for the app.

Are you ready to learn how to invest?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Acceptance letters are sent each Friday.
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