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Investing for the Next Generation

Investing for the next generation

Bumper is the first investing app built only for teens.
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Bumper is a financial technology company, not a broker-dealer, investment firm, or registered investment advisor. Investing services are provided by our broker-dealer partner.
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Real-world investing

Learn about investing, buy shares in your favorite companies, and build your portfolio. All it takes to start is just $1 and an adult to sponsor your account.

Disclaimer: This is an example and individual circumstances may vary. Past performance does not guarantee future results or returns.
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Investing made simple

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Begin Investing

Open and fund an account in minutes with just $1.

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Acquire Assets

Own a slice of Apple or invest in your favorite fashion brand.

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Build your Portfolio

Each investment adds to your portfolio. You own those shares.

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Grow your Skills

Complete interactive modules to learn about investing and the stock market.

Built for you

Whether you want to start your own business, go to medical school, or work a job you love, Bumper is built for you. Investing now could help your financial goals later.

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Security you can trust

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Your money is SIPC insured up to $500,000 (with $250,000 protection for cash claims).

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Your account is protected by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

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Your information is secure and confidential and only used for the purpose of creating an account.

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