Investing for the Next Generation

Investing for the next generation.

Bumper offers an SIPC insured investment account built for teens.
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For Parents

Powered by Apex Clearing Corporation, a FINRA registered broker-dealer.

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Girl holding up phone with Bumper app
Girl holding up phone with Bumper app

Real-world investing.

Learn about the market, find companies to own, and build your portfolio. All it takes to start is just $1.

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Investing made simple.

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Begin Investing

Open and fund an account in minutes with just $5.

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Acquire Assets

Own a slice of Apple or invest in your favorite fashion brand.

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Build your Portfolio

Each investment adds to your portfolio, helping you build long-term wealth.

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Every time you complete a learn module, you earn points to redeem for stocks.

Built for you.

Whether you want to start your own business, go to medical school, or work a job you love, Bumper is built for you.

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Security you can trust.

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Your money is SIPC insured up to $500,000.

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Your account is protected by bank-grade encryption and authentication.

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Your information is secure and confidential and only used for the purpose of creating an account.

Backed by premier startup accelerators and financial institutions.

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