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Get real-world experience at a fin-tech startup.

Join a team of college and high-school students building the first investing app for teenagers.

Access special perks and rewards while helping fulfill Bumper's mission of expanding future opportunities for students through investing.
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Real-World Experience

Play a key role in the development of our product. From feature ideation to marketing using business tools, you'll truly be immersed in startup life.

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Get a Recommendation

After you complete the program, you will receive a personalized letter of recommendation for jobs, internships, or college.

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Exclusive Perks

Earn extra stocks and money to invest by participating in our stock market game and referral programs.

Ambassador applications are closed for the July cohort. Please check back in for the fall program.

More about the Program

The Bumper Ambassador Program is a great fit for you if you are interested in investing, personal finance, and startups.

Throughout the program, Ambassadors will join a community of high-school students who are passionate about learning new skills, personal finance and investing, and financial literacy. They will also have direct access to the Bumper team, advisors, and investors.

Program Overview

The Bumper Ambassador Program consists of 1 required live meeting on Thursdays from 5 PM-6PM PST and asynchronous tasks each week which typically take 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Weekly Meeting Topics

Week 1: Intro to Investing
Week 2: Financial Literacy
Week 3: Market Fluctuations
Week 4: Money Beyond HS
Week 5: Stock Analysis
Week 6: Stock Analysis Pt. 2
Week 7: Personal Finance
Week 8: Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs
Week 9: History of the Markets

Weekly meetings will also feature special guest speakers and an opportunity to work directly with Bumper's CEO. These meetings are meant to help you strengthen your understanding of various financial topics and help you to apply them to your own life.

Asynchronous Learning

Weekly asynchronous activities are sent out every Monday. These tasks will help you learn more about investing, networking, professional development, and more.

Ambassadors who are engaged with the asynchronous activities will receive perks such as a personalized letter of recommendation and money to invest on Bumper.

Past Q&A Guests

Ben Williamson headshot
Ben Williamson, Principal VC
Scott Henderson headshot
Scott Henderson, NMotion Incubator Manager
Shante Frazier headshot
Shante Frazier, Wellcapped CEO

Ambassador Testimonials

"The Bumper Ambassador program taught me how to begin investing. I was never taught in school and felt super unprepared for adult finances. Now, I'm on track to have over $1 million saved for retirement."
- Ananya J., Los Altos High School (10th Grade)
"I was applying to college for business and realized I never had any actual experience in business. The Bumper Ambassador Program gave me real-world experience at a startup, and I think it really helped my college application."
- Emily P., Thomas Jefferson High School (11th Grade)
"For people passionate about business, economics, or finance, the program is such a great way to get experience and knowledge through being a part of Bumper's journey; it's a great learning opportunity that is very engaging and fun, so I highly recommend joining!"
- Melvin J. (11th Grade)
"I have learned a lot about the stock market, investing and how start a start up. By learning about start ups, I now know how a fintech company functions and how to grow a company."
- Annitha K. (11th Grade)

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